Become a Better You

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Become a Better You

• As one of God’s children, you have within you everything you need to reach your
highest potential.
• God knows you, guides you and has a plan for you. Follow seven key precepts:
• One: “Keep pressing forward.” Don’t let the past keep you from achieving your dreams.
• Two: “Be positive toward yourself.” Choose to be happy.
• Three: “Develop better relationships.” Think of your relationships as “emotional
bank accounts” and invest in them whenever possible.
• Four: “Form better habits.” Break the negative patterns that keep you down.
• Five: “Embrace the place where you are.” For inner peace, accept where you are in
life. Give yourself over to God’s plan.
• Six: “Develop your inner life.” God speaks through your conscience, the “still, small
voice” within that guides you.
• Seven: “Stay passionate about your life.” Love yourself as God does, faults and all.
• Faith is important but faith alone is not enough. Faith must inspire action, an
attitude of expectancy and preparation for a positive future.

Author: Joel Osteen