Avoiding Cancer One Day at a Time

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Avoiding Cancer One Day at a Time

• The overall cancer mortality rate has not dropped in nearly 60 years.
• Smoking and obesity are the two biggest causes of cancer-related deaths in the U.S.
• People in many European countries smoke more than Americans but have longer
lifespans. Europeans also eat well, walk extensively and take longer vacations.
• All adults should consider vaccinations for Hepatitis B, which can cause liver cancer.
• Sensible sun exposure provides you with vitamin D, an anticancer vitamin.
• Houseplants help filter harmful substances in the air.
• As a general rule, use a mask and gloves with all chemicals.
• Stress can adversely affect your immune system and can trigger cancer.
• Eating five servings of fruits and vegetables a day significantly reduces cancer risk.
Shun fast food, fat and harmful food additives.
• Sleeping in total darkness ensures the maximum production of melatonin, a
hormone that guards against breast cancer.

Author: by Lynne Eldridge and David Borgeson