The Sweetself app transforms knowledge from best-selling nonfiction books into bite-sized insights that you can read or listen to in 15 minutes. Supplemented by key lessons and rapid growth plans to help you learn smarter and faster. Our broad range of categories covers everything from life and work to business and more.

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Our Story

Based in Toronto, Canada. Sweetself started out with a simple mission: to make self-improvement knowledge easy and accessible for all. We are passionate and dedicated to bringing the world's best book knowledge at your fingertips and in audio Check out our blog and social media to stay in touch with us.

The Vision

We have a simple belief: that if you know better, you'll do better. Our aim is to gather the best knowledge from the best books and then condense them into key insights, lessons and growth plans. Get only what you need to know and achieve goals faster.

Our Mission

As we grow our business, we like to do our part for the environment and make a cleaner, greener Earth. With Stripe Climate’s help, Sweetself will contribute
1% of your purchase to remove carbon from the atmosphere.