Keep Going

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Keep Going

• Without darkness, you could not enjoy the light. Without death, you would not
embrace life. The key is to find the balance.
• Bad times are a gift; they teach you how to survive and become stronger.
• Face your doubts and uncertainties, instead of living a life of avoidance and fear.
• To live a life of courage, muster your strength and take one more step.
• Prosperous people display the arrogance of wealth: They often believe that they
deserve riches more than those less fortunate.
• “Strength is the child of effort and pain.”
• Trying to avoid or deny life’s tough experiences is fruitless. Instead, face both good
and bad head-on.
• It’s okay to take a step and fall. What is important is that you took the step.
• The way to conquer defeat is with hope.
• “Keep going.” In the end it is the power of perseverance that will win out.

Author: by Joseph M. Marshall III