Relationships: The Good & The Bad

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Nothing is perfect. Life is messy. Relationships are complex. Outcomes are uncertain. People are irrational.

Hugh Mackay

For humans, as a social species, the importance of relationships can never be impressed upon enough. Indeed, our lives almost tend to be effectively defined not only by those relationships that we build, but also by the ones that we shatter. Memorable or inconsequential, lifelong or interim, low or high maintenance, constant or mercurial; the relationships that we experience as well as observe between others can leave a profound and often indelible impression upon ourselves and every other relationship to follow henceforth.


Relationships: The Good & The Bad

Relationships are numerous and nuanced, thoroughly complex, highly categorical and are an integral and essential element of human interaction regardless of whom it may be with. Whether it may be your partner to whom you bare your soul and confide in about your worst pain and deepest secrets, the barista who smiles as they hand you a cup of your morning coffee at that favorite coffee shop you frequent, or even that fellow passenger you only ever converse with on the subway ride to and from work; they all matter in their own way.

Here are 3 books and summaries that can help you focus on achieving your relationship goals: