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Five Reasons Why Reading Books Will Change Your Life

By March 4, 2021April 10th, 2021No Comments

Think about it – Reading nourishes the brain and there are countless books out there to help answer some of the biggest, most pressing questions in life: How can I be a better person? What’s the best way to break a bad habit? How do I figure out what I want from my life?

Here’s why reading books are so important and how it can change your life:

1. It Exercises Your Brain

The brain, like many parts of our body is a muscle and just like any muscle we need to exercise it.

The benefits of exercising the brain are:

  • Making you more alert
  • Helps you absorb knowledge better
  • And builds your focus

Unlike the rest of our muscles in the body, the brain, the mental muscle, needs a special kind of exercise and reading is the simplest and most rewarding out there.

2. Reduces Stress

Pulling out a good book is always a great way to de-stress. Reading a book has been proven to:

  • Lower your heart Rate
  • And Relax your muscles

Research has shown that reading a few minutes in the day is more than 50% effective at reducing stress. Unlike other de-stressing methods like listening to music or exercising, reading books can be a faster and easier way to unwind and relax.

3. Brings You Self-Awareness

“ Can you describe yourself?” the most cringe-worthy question someone could ask you. How you answer this question is directly connected to your own understanding of yourself, instead let me post another question, “How well do you know yourself?” Reading the right books can reinforce your consciousness and help you to begin answering the age old question of “Who am I really?

4. Gives You Direction

Let’s admit it – we all  had that moment when we felt completely stumped and clueless which direction to go. Most of us would seek advice from wherever we can find it. Books help articulate our emotions and thoughts and the right book can steer you to a better path.

5. Helps You Understand The World Around You

They say knowledge is power, once we understand the world and how it operates a lot of things become much easier. “Give someone a fish and they eat for a day, teach someone to fish and you feed them for a lifetime”. Knowledge opens the hidden doors that can improve your life.

Not sure where to start?

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