Application For Web Developer Position

As a Sweetself Web Developer, you are responsible for working with stakeholders to build comprehensive web solutions. Requiring good organizational and communication skills, you participate in the entire lifecycle of an application, from concept to final product delivery and ongoing maintenance.

Responsibilities include:

  • Developing web applications using open-source and proprietary frameworks
  • Managing JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Node JS codebases.
  • Ensuring applications are responsive and accessible on a wide variety of devices
  • Creating and maintaining schema and schema-less databases
  • Designing and developing REST-based APIs
  • Validating that solutions meet security, accessibility, and usability guidelines
  • Writing automated testing scripts as a basis for unit and integration testing
  • Participating in requirements gathering and design sessions

In this role, you are a key member of a multidisciplinary team including developers, business analysts, project managers, and product owners. Be prepared for a fast-paced, challenging, and rewarding career.

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